Ways to Pass a Kidney Stone - A Kidney Stones Alternative Treatment

You might be thinking yourself, "These remedies seem too simple?" And they are but they are the beginning of an effective treatment because your miraculous body wants to heal itself. And these simple tips are the beginning of what your body needs.

3. It is also important to educate yourself on acidic therapy. In other words, you should know what natural acids you should consume large amounts of. Because the liver (the body's filter) plays no role in acid base regulation, the acids you consume will eventually make it to your kidneys. Citric acid, which is present in lemons, is a great place to start.

As you can see, the removal of kidney stones does not have to be complicated. It can actually be as easy as having a drink. Make sure you are able to consume all of the ingredients that make the tea. To do this discuss the ingredients with your doctor to ensure there will not be any adverse reactions for you.

Finally, if all of these three options were guaranteed for you to pass your kidney stone; what option would you choose? Of course, option #1 (simple natural cure that works in 3 hours) would obviously be an easy choice if it was guaranteed! If this option was guaranteed to work you would save hundreds of dollars with no doctor appointment, no medication and no sound wave treatment! Fortunately, a leading natural health company, Barton Publishing Inc. does guarantee their natural remedy to work in 3 hours or you don't pay a cent! Join the other thousands and pass your kidney stone tonight!

Unfortunately, most sufferers believe their doctors when told that water is the best way to treat this disease. Yet thousands of ex-kidney stone patients say that their stones have passed with a kidney stones remedy.

2. Diuretic tea for dissolving kidney stones. There are two choices of diuretic that are effective, dandelion and silk. Diuretic tea is a natural remedy for stones. Made from dandelion, fennel seed, corn silk, nettle leaf and oat straw and it is very simple to prepare.

Currently, there are roughly 3,000,000 people needing medical intervention yearly. On top of that, there are an extra 500,000 requiring a trip to the emergency room.

Water is not doing the trick and you are wondering how to dissolve kidney stones. There are thousands of people who are in the same situation you are in right now. Many of them will stubbornly wait for their stones to pass.

A kidney stone is a solid mass of material that forms in a kidney. They are formed by the salt deposits and other minerals present in the urine. The size of stone may vary from a tiny sand particle to a golf ball. Many of the times people don’t know that they have stones. The stone can block the urine flow and hence cause extreme pain. Larger stones may get stuck in a ureter, bladder, or urethra. The most common types of kidney stones found are calcium and oxalate stones. The other types of stones are Uric acid stones, Struvite stones, and Cystine stones. The most common cause of kidney stone is drinking less water and juices. If you have kidney stone once, you are more likely to have them again. If you a history of stones, it is important to find the type of stone to make dietary adjustments and thus prevent forming of stones. The risk of kidney stones in men is four times higher than women. People who have family history of stones are more likely to have stones.